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This course is designed for individuals and groups who are experience issues with marijuana use, and for those who want more information regarding research on THC and marijuana use. 

Our 420 Marijuana class explores the risks around THC use specifically, and around alcohol and other drugs too. It guides understanding of how problems develop, what we can do to prevent them, and why sometimes we need help. It’s for indicated and selective groups, for those with THC problems among their family or friends, or for those with a low risk perception or curiosity about marijuana and/or other drugs. As THC becomes more widely legalized, we hear more about it in our communities, media, and politics. Much of what we hear makes THC sound “safe” or “low-risk.” But is it? The curriculum-Prime For Life 420- helps answer this question, and others like: Is THC addictive? • Can problems happen from THC impairment? • It’s legal and it’s natural, so what’s the big deal?

This course is also appropriate for young audiences and young people who may be having issues with marijuana.  It is also appropriate as a mandated court ordered course for those who are charged with marijuana possession or marijuana use. 

This is an 8 hour course.  The course fee is $150.

 A certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of this course 

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