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  • What is the purpose of attending DUI school?
    The goal of a DUI class is to prevent offenders from driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs again. The state determines the length of class, the curriculum taught, and the cost of classes.
  • How long is a DUI class in Georgia?
    In Georgia, the length is 20 (twenty) hours, given in 2-eight hour days and 1-4 hour day.
  • Will I be issued a certificate at the end of class?
    Absolutely! Certificates for Driver's Education, DUI and Defensve driving are issued by Georgia DDS and contain a certificate number assigned to the offender/driver. Certificates for Drug and Alcohol for parents and "420" curriculums are issued by the individual school/program.
  • Can I attend classes online?
    You certainly can! All classes are available in-person and online!
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